Aftercare Working Group Letter To Teams In Haiti

29 January 2010 — Good Day MADRiH teams in Haiti! Thank you for the inspiring work you are doing!

A MADRiH working group has formed to focus on emotional health and aftercare for members of MADRiH teams returning from Haiti. This working group currently consists of: Mo (in Montana), Amelia (in NYC) and Iggy (in Maine).

Some of you likely know some of the members of this working group. For those of you who don't know us personally, a brief background: Most of us are street medics, all of us spent time in post-Katrina New Orleans, and we all have a certain sensitivity to the after-effects of traumatic experiences. We all also have some formal medical training, both in medical and mental health work, and Mo is an experienced herbalist. We are also all pretty chilled-out people, who know and like each other a lot.

We hope to contact each of you directly when you return from Haiti, in order to make sure everyone has a good support system in place and is readjusting to everyday life okay. If any of you do not want us to contact you upon your return to the US, please let us know.

We have asked Kyla and Becca for US contact info for each of you. If there is other/better information that you would like us to use to contact you, please pass us a message through your stateside contact person.

It occurred to us that some of you may be already be having conversations amongst yourselves about your own support/aftercare when returning. We encourage you to have these conversations! If it would be helpful, one or more members of this working group would be happy to join in those conversations while you are still in Haiti. Our contact info is below.

We also have welcoming places for people to stay, in both rural and urban environments, if entire teams or individual team members want/need places to stay/chill/talk/walk/swim/etc. in the weeks and months after your return.

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