All 2012 Peoples Community Medics Stories

The People's Community Medics is a collective of radical health care volunteers in Oakland, California founded in 2011 by Sharena Curley and Lesley Phillips.

As members of the Oscar Grant Committee, Sharena and Lesley learned of the refusal by police to call an ambulance while Grant lay bleeding to death at Fruitvale BART station for 20 minutes. Sharena and Lesley decided that communities need to learn basic emergency first aid so that we can help one another until an ambulance arrives.

Since March of 2012, PCM has been teaching free emergency first aid workshops for treating seizures and bleeding traumas like gunshot wounds. Learning basic first aid is a form of self-determination, another way that we don't have to rely on the same corrupt systems that attack us to provide us healing.

For more information or to schedule a training contact PeoplesCommunityMedics@gmail or 510.239.7720.

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  2. 2012/04/24 Pacifica East Oakland Volunteer Medics Aim To Save Lives
  3. 2012/09/09 Video of Peoples Community Medics Training and Speak-Out
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