Bon Fwa Day 2 And 3 Updates

23 Jan 0920 am Kobie

We're on the bus right now, sitting in the depot in Santo Domingo waiting to rolling out to Port au Prince to meet with Claude's people who sound like they're really solid in the community. We just met, on the bus, a woman who lives in Bonrepos, the neighborhood we're going to.

We had quite a time getting this far, we're moving with about 700 pounds of equipment and supplies and transacting through a language barrier, but things are working. We slept above a family restaurant last night, where it was very pleasant, rather clean, and everyone was quite helpful.

Questions: who is our stateside point of contact?

We've decided to call ourselves Ekip Bon Fwa (Team Good Faith).

23 Jan 1115 pm Suncere

This team includes Roger, Claude, Anne, Grace ,Bugz, Kobie. Roger called this morning and said they are ok they are taking a $47.00 one way trip into Haiti through a bus company called Caribien Tours in the Dominican Republic. They caught the bus at 5:30 am. From they are going to the Petionville neighborhood of Port au Prince in Haiti. They will work at the BIC compound and try to make contact with team 1.

24 Jan 1140 am Becca

Proposal for stateside contact:

* Since team 2 has no return date set, I volunteer to step up as stateside contact for the next two weeks, through Sunday, February 7.
* We can re-evaluate at that point depending on how much longer team 2 plans on staying. I will likely need to step down because I will be taking the nursing licensing exam that week.
* Until then, I can not think of a time in the week when I will be unavailable by phone. I have the time and energy to be attentive to this role for the next two weeks. What do you all think?
* For those of you who don't know me, I have been a medic for 8 years, was in Pittsburgh, and know well/worked with 3 of the 6 members of Team 2.

PS been doing fundraising and supply-collecting for this group, support from Philly is on its way!

24 Jan 1:30 pm steward

Grace called me at approx. 1:30 PM with some general information about supplies and contacts. I passed along Becca's number to the team and she is now the primary comms contact for team 2. I contacted Becca and let her know Grace had contacted me, and passed along Grace's number to Becca.

As Becca mentioned in her post, if Team 2 remains longer than 2 weeks, another primary contact will need to be found for the team.

Kobie emailed that they were at the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, waiting to be checked through. Kobie is the email contact for the team.

Grace called me with the information that they have linked up with two relief suppliers.

24 Jan 9:47 pm Becca

2:30 pm Team 2 is on a bus from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. Got their exit stamps as we spoke. They are "filled with anticipation" and sound ready to get there and get started! A bit worried about communication between the two teams. We decided I will call once in the afternoon and one in the evening to be sure contact is made daily. We can also text when needed.

Ekip Bon Fwa and I chatted a few times since this afternoon. They crossed the border into Haiti and 5 miles in got a flat tire right on a pile or rocks in front of a tire shop! After much patient waiting, they are back on the road in a pick up, got a ride with the people they will be staying with this evening. They are heading to a town called Bonrepos (Good sleep), a suberb of Port-au Prince. They seem in great spirits traveling all day, transporting 700 lbs of supplies! They have been receiving texts from Team 1, but haven't been able to really reply or connect due to the bumpy road and wanted to be sure Team 1 had all their numbers and was updated about team 2's status. (I have relayed this info to Kyla.) They have a solid community contact in Port-au Prince with BIC and are eager to find out exactly what that stands for and to get started.

By this evening, phones have not been working for both of us (network busy message on my end) BUT not to fear, we exchanged a bunch of text messages! I relayed a message to Kobie about his live radio interview early tomorrow morning, as the interviewer was having trouble getting a hold of him. They have made it to where they are staying and are safe and sound for the night.

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