Bon Fwa Day 4 Update Becca

Bon Repos, Jan. 25, 2010, night — Kobie and Grace were able to call into the conference call tonight and we got to hear their voices!!! They are still in Bonrepos, where they will spend the night. Kobie said that today they got oriented and made contact with BIC, a group of Haitian business owners, who got together to run a relief operation. Tomorrow they will work with them.


Grace checked in and said that today was a "big day." She said that tomorrow morning the team will get together to plan specifics for their day, from morning to night. Anne and Claude went to 2 different UN meetings today. The group is processing the outcomes from these meetings and did not go in to much detail. She said that the "UN is trying hard to coordinate and regulate NGOs." Tomorrow they will go to BIC to get dispatched to a clinic or hospital.


Today they rode around Port au Prince in the back of an open truck and spent time next to the broken truck by the side of the road chatting with a Haitian guy and "practicing our creole." Grace summarized and said that today the group got their bearings.

Grace made the point that they are not driving around at night anymore not because its unsafe, but because it is disrespectful. When they drove in Port au Prince tonight, they woke people up when their headlights shone right into peoples "living rooms," and people had to get out of the way and get covered with dust from their tires. Many many folks are sleeping in the dusty streets because of the danger of their houses collapsing in aftershocks.


Ekip Bon Fwa and Becca are working on fixing their comms situation. Becca relayed an e mail with a few concrete suggestions (sat to sat phone, skype, troubleshooting the cells involved, etc) and for now will continue to stay in touch via text and e mail. We were unable to continue our check-in after signing out of the conference call, the sat phone was not cooperating, but will work on resolving the issue as best we can.

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