Bon Fwa Day 7 Update Becca

Port au Prince, Thurs Jan 27, 2010, 10:00pm — Talked with Kobie for a minute, but this update comes mainly from Roger. The rest of Team 2 was sound asleep. They are spending the night on the roof of BIC.

Anne and Roger spent the day going to BIC sites. They worked with a mobile clinic, including 2 American MDs and a paramedic. They went to a poorer, more rural neighborhood on the outskirts of the PAP. Roger didn't see any overt earthquake damage in this location. The clinic was set up in a church and saw at minimum 150 people. It was so busy they had to close before they got a chance to see everyone.

There were not a lot of new wounds, they mostly saw everyday medical problems for folks in that area. "A lot of kids with skin infections, colds, respiratory ailments, staph infections." Roger dispensed medications for most of the time there and said much of what people needed were over the counter meds like Claratin, Ibuprophin, and Acetaminophin. He received the wound management documents we sent and said they are definitely helping. Tomorrow at 10am they will be doing wound care at a tent city.

Though he said he doesn't "really have a reference point for before the earthquake," Roger described the tone of the area he worked today as "getting back to normal. People hanging out, cooking, going out." Daily life in a tent city with "chronic poverty and minimal access to health care."

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