Comms Update Team 1 is Ready To Go Kyla

Comms Update Team 1 is Ready to Go Kyla

Miami, Jan. 18, 2010 — In the past couple of hours I have spoken with Thomas, Fidget, Chris, Daniel, and Hexe — all of the initial team. The last three are together at the airport in Miami now, Fidget will arrive shortly, and Thomas is enroute in his car. As of midnight, they are planning to leave at 6am on the chartered flight, but have yet to have a group checkin. Leaving Friday or not going may still be a possibility.

Initial Team Comms Plan

Here is our communication plan, as of 12am Tuesday EST, subject to change.

1) Last minute check in Tuesday morning: They will call my phone sometime in the early am and leave a reportback message before they leave for Haiti, to give us a status update before they dive into the chaos.

2) Satellite phone: Daily txt message updates, with phone calls as backup in emergencies
Every day by midnight EST, Thomas will send me a text message update via the satellite phone. If I don't hear from them by midnight, I will call them on the sat phone. We can use the phone anytime in case of emergencies.

3) Chris' personal cellphone: Longer reportbacks & conversations: As of right now, T-Mobile phones are working in Haiti, with free roaming. As long as this lasts, we will use Chris's personal cell phone for conversations and reportbacks. We're considering this a bonus while it lasts, but not counting on it always being available.

We'll have two kinds of updates:
a…. Conversations to discuss needs, logistics, etc.
b…. Voicemail messages (reports from the field) that can be recorded and distro'd

Chris will send me a txt message prior to calling to tell me whether or not to pick up, and ensure that I am available to answer.

4) Recording and posting voicemail messages: I am looking into a couple different ways to record reportbacks: Googlevoice (anyone have an invite?), a digital recorder…. any better ideas?


The purpose of communications is:

  1. To ensure safety and that the team's needs are being met
  2. To get reliable information to future teams heading to Haiti
  3. To document the trip for media, outreach, fundraising, and accountability

Kyla's Responsibilities

I will have my phone on me at all times. I will be available to answer the phone as often as possible and return calls and e-mails as soon as possible, prioritizing emergencies and calls from the field. I will forward messages to appropriate stateside support and emergency contacts as soon as possible. I am a full time grad student with several other responsibilities, and will have times when I am unable to answer my phone or return a call/e-mail for several hours. As the project grows and changes, I would like to re-evaluate and eventually step back from this role (will check in when Team 1 returns).

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