Coney Reportback Jeff Stein

Coney Island NYC, Nov. 8, 2012 — Here is a brief report back from People's Medical Relief Coney Island.

Today was the first day we really felt efficient with our response on Coney. We made some changes to the ways we work with the other groups of volunteers that bumped up our capability a lot.

Procedure is as follows now for canvassing and medical response:

  • Non-medical volunteers conduct door-to-door canvassing of high-rise housing projects in conjunction with other organizations, notably COJECO.
  • When non-medical volunteers identify a medical need, they call our on-site medical dispatch line.
    • A medical team is dispatched to the patient.
    • The medical team assesses and aids the patient, in some cases writing and/or procuring prescriptions.
    • A prescription point person at the medical space tracks and records all prescription drop-offs and call-ins at every point in the process.

This worked awesome today. We got through a 4-day backlog of patients in 6 hours. Same plan for tomorrow. We're getting a lot of MDs and RNs in as volunteers.

In other upcoming news, the church will be taking delivery of a "mobile clinic trailer" very early Saturday morning. We will be setting up a clinic space staffed by doctors and nurses to open on Sunday at the latest. This may be one of the only clinics open on Coney. Word on the street is that Coney Island Hospital could be closed up to 6 months.

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