Excerpt From Solidarity Not Biomedicine Rachel Stern

Solidarity not Biomedicine — Common Ground Health Clinic's "New Model" of Providing Healthcare
Rachel Judith Stern
March 2007

The author worked at Common Ground Health Clinic in the summer and fall of 2006 as a participant observer from Harvard University doing social science research and as an EMT conducting intakes. She has gone on to get her MD at the University of California, San Francisco. This is an excerpt from her award-winning thesis at Harvard, slightly edited to correct inaccuracies.

Download as a pdf: solidaritynot.pdf (67 KB).

Contents of pdf file

1 Introduction to the Clinic's Model — Solidarity, not Biomedicine 2
2 Redefining the patient 3
2.1 Holism — "Patient-centeredness" and "focus on the whole person" 4
2.2 The individual and the community — A more thorough-going holism 5
2.3 Belief in health as structurally determined 7
2.4 Self-determination for individuals and communities — the crux of solidarity 8
3 Restructuring the Doctor-Patient Relationship 9
3.1 Community control — community-level self-determination 10
4 The Clinic's Model as a discursive intervention in biomedicine and the production of health inequities 13
5 A meditation on "working" 14
Definitions 20
References 23
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