Globalization Protesters Expect Police Violence and Injuries, Trial Told

Montreal, Apr 15, 2003 — Street medics working at protests opposing globalization have come to expect police violence and the injuries that result, a Quebec Superior Court jury was told Tuesday.

"I've learned to expect that there will be police violence," testified Scott Weinstein, 45, a registered nurse who has witnessed protests in Washington, Windsor, Ont., and Montreal. "I have seen this repeatedly."

He was one of a string of defence witnesses who testified about the events outside a Montreal hotel where G20 finance ministers were meeting Oct. 23, 2000.

Activists Jaggi Singh, Christina Xydous and Jonathan Aspireault-Masse were charged with participating in a riot after the demonstration turned violent.

Weinstein said he and other medics went to protests as "neutral" parties interested in preventing and treating injuries.

Much of his time during the protest was spent treating people for pepper spray or who said they'd "been clubbed" by police, Weinstein said.


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