Going To No Send Meds With Us Grace Keller

Pittsburgh, Sept. 10, 2005 — We just got about $10,000 worth of medical supplies and $300 worth of tech supplies donated to go to NO. We are hooking up with the Mayday crew when we reach NO. We have no coldbox abilities, so cannot transport vaccines (tetanus, hep) or insulin. We will stop in NYC and Philly, and could come through DC on our way south, and can bring any heat-tolerant meds anyone wants to send.

We cannot dispense heart meds, etc, but can deliver them. We need epinepherine (adrenalin, epi-pen, ana-kit), because we are packing antibiotics and cannot dispense them without epi. Sympathetic docs can fax us a scrip, call for details.

We are medically prepared to do small wound care, infected wound care, bacterial and viral belly bug care. We are technically equipped to build water filtration + distillation units out of local materials (plastic sheeting, rocks, dirt, buckets, pool chlorine, etc.) and to convert automobiles into 110V electric generators.

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