Slight Of Hand In Phang Nga Doc Rosen

Phang Nga, Feb. 6, 2005 — An email update from my dad who is Asia doing Tsunami aid. — Ari

Chased out of Aceh by Indonesian military.
In Southern Thailand now Phang Nga.
Treating PTSD treatment.
Doing Magic /slight of hand for kids
The kids flock around asking for magic tricks … as do the adults. The other aid workers say some have not smiled in weeks but they are laughing as i do my slight of hand. Today an old man who lost his entire family — 16 people — smiled at me and then he asked me to "do the rabbit trick". The Thai woman counselor said they thought they would lose him because he was not responding before this but now he is talking again and eating….
They are so sweet and gentle. Many have lost everyone. Brother dead, sisters dead, mother and father dead. I cry at night but only when alone.
A little girl has started calling me uncle-her favorite is the coloring book.

Did some recovery and some moving of bodies the other day.

The Thai counseling people say that the magic tricks are the biggest step the kids have taken towards normalization. They are taking me on a tour of some refugee camps and orphanages. Today I did magic for a group of orphans at a temple. Then we handed out toothbrushes and did some medical exams. Acupuncture and slight of hand as medicine for PTSD.
Treating other aid workers as well.

Taking most of a day and a half R&R Last night part of today and tomorrow morning. Sorry if this is disjointed.
It is nit noy a chain of thought.

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