Team 1 Day 1 Update Kyla

Team 1 Day 1 Update Kyla

Port au Prince, Jan. 19, 2010, 11 PM — Just had a nice long phone conversation with Chris in Haiti who updated me on his and Hexe, Jeff, Thomas, and Daniel's first day on the ground in Port au Prince.


First, just some awesome news: The team is safe and sound at 4pm, and are now in World Harvest's well established compound in Delmas 13, a neighborhood that was not damaged very badly by the earthquake. Our team has running water, electricity, personal beds with clean sheets and pillows, meals, and even a borrowed car! They have spotty internet service which means you can expect pictures soon. They are tired. Thomas drove 12 hours and then stayed up all night and day for the flight and busride in Haiti.

Personnel, supplies, plan

Our team has been joined by an ER doctor, two additional WEMTs, a media person, and a local translator. They are already packed with gauze, tape, and sutures to begin scouting Delmas and Carrefour, the earthquake's epicenter, at 6am tomorrow morning. They have several leads on hospitals and field clinics that need reinforcements. When they identify an area that needs their help, they'll return to the compound and come back with a convoy of supplies.

As of yet, they haven't seen too much: some hurt limbs, broken bones. They haven't treated anyone yet, but tomorrow begin the "real world situations."

Return trip: Team 1 plans to return February 2nd. They have booked a return flight to Miami and can stay at the compound the entire time, but may move depending on where they end up working.

Security: The compound has security guards, but more importantly, has good relationships with their community. There are no operations at night. The team will leave with sunup at 6am and return at 4pm each day, to be back inside by sundown at 6pm.

Communication: The team communicated with me via satellite phone, txt messages, cell phones, and even a couple e-mails today. Communication is solid, at least for now, but they are very busy, and worry about being overwhelmed by communications from the States. We'll continue to limit updates to 1-2 per day.

Emotional check-in

Chris ended his reportback by saying, as he looks around, life continues. People are at markets. For those travelers who felt unprepared, there are enough supplies for everybody and they feel well surrounded. To y'all back home: "You guys are gonna do fine. Rack up money and get supplies for us."

They feel close as a team and are ready to be here together for two weeks.

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