Team 1 Day 7 Update Kyla

Port au Prince, Jan. 25, 2010, 10:00 PM — I spoke to Chris briefly today. The doctor with whom they've been working was called out of the country; he left on a helicopter this morning.


Our team spent the day scouting and doing basic hygiene and healthcare. They handed out multivitamins and supplements, vitamic C, ibuprofen, rehydration salts for diarrhea, and deworming meds.


Most importantly, they recorded the GPS coordinates of each tent city they came across, and plan to hit every tent city in the Delmas over the next day or so. This is very important, because once the coordinates are recorded, our team was able to report the tent city's location, needs, and the number of people there to the UN, who can direct further resources towards them. During the day, the team came across a US army vehicle that was handing out food and were able to direct them to tent cities where people hadn't gotten any food aid yet.


Tomorrow, they get their supplies from the WHO (World Health Organization) and will continue to map out the Delmas, doing basic and preventative care, "picking up GPS coordinates of places that need help and dropping them at some of the good friends we've made." I've sent them a list of locations outside Port au Prince that have been requesting aid, and they will try to go there themselves and also pass this information on to the UN.

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