Team 1 Day 9 Update Kyla

Port au Prince, Jan. 27, 2010, 10:00 PM — I talked to Hexe today. We went off a little bit on patriarchy and Howard Zinn.


Today the team went to the WHO (World Health Organization) warehouse where they were able to stock up on supplies, including antibiotics. Hexe said they weren't able to get stethoscopes or multivitamins.


Later they went to a pediatric clinic with Anne and Roger from Ekip Bon Fwa. Hexe said, "most of us have no background or training for working in a clinical setting with children." Hexe mostly gave out supplies, but "Anne and Thomas were really good with the children." They left when the doctors got there, spent a while in transit, and hung out with Ekip Bon Fwa later on.

Hexe said, "We're not responding to a disaster anymore, we're responding to the aftermath of a natural disaster exacerbated by poverty and people's underlying health issues."

Relief team?

I asked if Team 1 wanted a relief team sent down specifically to take on the work that they've been doing. Hexe said, no, they are a trauma team and their work is not long term work.

I also passed on the warning that was e-mailed out that seismologists still expect more aftershocks in the coming weeks. Hexe said that their team is still sleeping outside, "partly to save money, partly because it's nice outside, and partly because of the 6.0 earthquake" they lived through the morning they arrived in Haiti.

Update from Chris

Passing on a short update from Chris: "feeling blah… it was a harsh day… treated at a peds clinic most of the day, picked up an innocent dead 2 y/o of the streets and fought for him to get a proper burial… also learned that the trauma of my people is more then in the flesh…. my people have severe mental trauma that I can't do much for!"

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