Team 1 Thank You Letter

11 Feb 2010 — After seven earthquakes, fourteen days, several new friendships and countless butt-jarring hours in trucks, Team Bad Idea Dinosaur is back in the States. At the time of this writing, Daniel is back at home in Providence, and the remaining members of the team are driving to Atlanta to travel home. (At the time of publishing, we've all parted ways.)

First and foremost we would like to offer our deepest thanks to MADR for the opportunity, support, and awesomeness y'all have provided to us. As our organization, MADR helped us to give of ourselves and our skills, which in turn allowed us to receive. We believe that it is this relationship that forms the bedrock of the idea of mutual aid. We would especially like to thank Kyla, our emergency contact, support, and confidant. Dude you rock so hard. You were our link to sanity and the outside world. Secondly we'd like to thank our families and friends who supported us with kind words, monetary contributions and prayers and good wishes. We would also like to thank the people who flew us in and out of Haiti; MFI and Priority Flights, and New Life Children's Home who sheltered and sometimes fed us. Gratitude must also go to all the people we worked with and met along the way for their friendship, advice and companionship. Mad love and respect go out to our MADR comrades in Ekip Bon Fwa for the amazing work they did and will continue to do. It was an honor to work with y'all.

We would also like to express our deepest respect for the Haitian people and the amazing strength, courage, and resilience they have within themselves. You are and will continue to be an inspiration we will never forget. We stand in solidarity with the Haitian people as they struggle to rebuild in the face of neocolonialism, flawed trade policies and lack of infrastructure.

Our experience illustrated the need for people and groups willing to travel into areas not usually visited by other aid workers — in short, to work where the scene is not safe. Many of us on the team and in MADR became involved with the group through the street medic movement, a movement focused on providing medical support where others fear to tread. This experience gave us as much preparation as any could have. Those of us from the street medic community would like to thank that community for all the love, information, trainings and late night beers of commiseration that made it possible for us to be in the places we have been today.

It took a devastating disaster for the world to notice Haiti and it will take only a few weeks for it to forget it again. We refuse to be a part of this, and will strive to use our experience to take an active stand against this ignorance. We offer our sincere wishes for a safe, productive, and amazing journey to present and future MADR teams and hope that they are able to learn and experience as much as we did from the Haitian land and people. Our phone lines and emails are open all day every day for information, support, or anything else we can offer.

With love, solidarity, and sincere thanks.
Team 1/Bad Idea Dinosaur

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