Team 4 Update 1 Jeff

Miami Airport, Feb 9, 2010, ~730pm — Just talked to Leah. She's with Charles, they're at the tail end of their 10 hour layover in the Miami Airport and are about to board the flight to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, arriving around midnight. They're in good spirits and are happy to finally be moving forward with their work in Haiti after such intensive research and planning. Charles apparently spent the day demolishing Sudoku puzzles and grinding away on a new Stephen King book. The rest of the team (Aron, Josh, Michelle, Roman, Stacey, Travis and Trenton) are already in the DR or are on their way. They should all be spending the night at "Bettye's Exclusive Guest House" in Santo Domingo.

The team will be boarding the bus and heading over the border into Haiti tomorrow afternoon. The plan at this point is for the team to head from Santo Domingo to Cap-Haitien, then SW to Saint-Marc. They've heard reports of border guards taking food away from aid workers crossing the border in the South, so they're considering taking a Northern route through Santiago de los Caballeros, then crossing the border in that area. Regardless of the route they settle on, they're expecting to arrive in Cap-Haitien around 9pm tomorrow and will spend the night. They're still waiting to hear back from their translators, who will be meeting them in Saint-Marc.

The update tomorrow will reflect any changes they've made to their itinerary based on the developing situation along the border and in Haiti. At this point, the team is trying to avoid traveling through Port-au-Prince in order to arrive in Saint-Marc in as timely a manner as possible.

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