Team 4 Update 2 Jeff

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Feb 10, 2010, ~900pm — I emailed back and forth with Charles several times this morning. After spending the night at "Bettye's Exclusive Guest House", the team woke up to what was described as "a million car horns blasting every time they went by the alley" in front of the guest house. They like the place, it's set up like a hostel with bunks in large rooms. Charles remarked that Santo Domingo "looks and smells" a lot like New Orleans.

Their travel plans are turning out to be a bit more complicated than they had originally hoped due to communications errors, but things are working out. After turning down a ride the night before from a taxi driver who offered to drive them all the way to Saint-Marc (it just seemed sketchy), the team learned that their plan to travel through Santiago (in Northern DR) and cross the border to the North was simply not feasible, due to the distance involved in the detour.

Although they were hoping to avoid traveling through Port-au-Prince (hence the discussions of alternate routes), they have accepted that there's no reasonable alternative. At this point, the plan is to take a "Caribe Tours" bus at 730am Thursday from Santo Domingo to Petionville, a suburb in Eastern Port-au-Prince. They should arrive around 1pm, and are expecting to meet with a "large" pick-up trick which will take them North to Saint-Marc, where they will begin working at a field hospital.

It sounds like they spent the day wrangling with travel itineraries and visiting grocery stores for last minute supplies. They still have convenient internet access and have definitely been taking advantage of that. I haven't heard back from them since this morning, but if I do I'll be sure to post another short update.

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