Team 4 Update 3 Jeff

Saint-Marc, Haiti, Feb 11, 2010, ~945pm — Team Montana is on the ground in Haiti! In Travis's words, "the eaglets have landed!".

Today was a very long day of transportation, starting with their 730am bus departure from Santo Domingo. The bus headed over the border and dropped them off just East of Port-au-Prince, in Petionville. They had arranged with a Canadian relief worker to have several vehicles meet them there, and successfully linked up with their transportation, loaded up, and headed Northwest.

The team was split between two vehicles, stuck in terrible traffic along a coastal road and hampered by what they described as "shoddy comms". About two hours after being notified of their traffic headaches, I received another email confirming their arrival in Saint-Marc.

Travis says their contact, Odson, is "the man". Odson's family is putting the team up and everyone is very happy with the arrangement after such a long, stressful day on the road.

The team is anxious, but excited to start working at the hospital in Saint-Marc tomorrow. In their words, they're looking forward to "getting their elbows dirty." Today was only the first of what will probably be many exceptionally long days and folks were headed to bed as Travis was writing me. We should have our first "full" check-in conversation tomorrow.

As Travis said "That's all folks!"

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