Update From Miami Liz

Miami, Nov 20, 2003 — Just popped into an internet cafe to check mail and thought I'd send an update.

There are some 50-70 medics here (hard to tell, since everyone hasn't been in one place at one time).

This morning's action saw some confrontation between protesters and police near the fence. Police were quite aggressive both about keeping people away from the fence, then moving people progressively further back.

So far, we have treated people for pepper spray, several baton-induced head wounds. There has also been minimal taser use, and some reports of tear gas as well as pepper spray. On the bright side, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, so that may help us on the heat exhaustion front.

Right now, the big labor/people's march is about the get underway. And people are planning to converge again at the fence at 5pm.

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