Whats Up In Miami Doc

Miami, Nov 11, 2003 — "We've started covering actions — the next big one will be the arrival of the root cause march into miami later today."

Even though this was not a sexy Bloc type action with lots of adrenaline (or as some medics said "only a f'ing Union march"), some of us Mo, me and some awesome newbies covered it. Those that did not missed grassroots people opf color dancing their way for the 4 days through town after town. It was great mostly handing out water and spraying folks with 100 plus temps. At night doing Tx for ankles knees and lots of Mo's foot balm….

I only did two days 20 -25 miles (x the back and forth that we medics always do) but it was inspiring to be with the farm workers and SEIU folks.

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