WTO Accountability Committee interview With Doc Rosen

Seattle, August 7 2000 — Dr Ron Rosen is a practitioner of Oriental medicine and acupuncture in Denver. He is 52, and has participated in various demonstrations dating back to Selma, Alabama, in the 60s.

His message is that that it is a "myth" that police were simply reacting to property damage. And a myth that it was individual or rogue officers who went out of control. His remarks centered on what he saw at 6th and Pike on Tuesday, Nov 30.

His medic group gathered at 0545 am, and went to 6th and Pike. He says police began use of teargas without warning at about 9 am. He described police spraying locked down demonstrators, then beginning warnings about 10 minutes later.

He was in communication with DAN coordinators, and says it was clear that a command was given to use tear gas at several intersections simultaneously, based on radio traffic he heard.

"There were always enough police that they could have arrested all the demonstrators, but chose to use gas instead"

He cited a scholarly article claiming up to 70 people had been killed during use of pepper spray (N.Carolina Medical Journal, 1997).

Rosen says he saw a woman whose jaw was broken at 4th or 5th and Pike. Says he personally saw four or five incidents where officers raised nightsticks above their shoulder.

Rosen, who is an anarchist himself, says "property destruction is just stupid when it could jeopardize medical operations or other protestors." He said the Black Block demonstrators were clearly endangering others, although he did not see them commit vandalism or property destruction.

Rosen says he saw at least 200 people treated for gas inhalation, asthma, pepper spray irritation, and blows from gas cannisters and wooden dowels.


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